by Cadence

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Cadence’s self-produced five-track EP, recorded mostly in the members’ home studios, explores the theme of pre-flight. It signifies transition, like a fledgling about to take off for the first time into a world of uncertainty; yet, there is also a readiness and a sense of expectancy for the endless possibilities to come.

While this theme perfectly encapsulates their current status as a relative newcomer to the Singapore independent music scene, Heights also represents the members’ collective desire to grow and mature, both as individuals and as a band.


released November 14, 2015

All songs written and performed by Cadence.
This EP was produced by Cadence and Teddy Looi
Drums recorded at Inversion Studios
Mastered by Joe Carra at Crystal Mastering
Art Direction & Design by T Y Zheng (ACRE)

Special Thanks to Bani Hidir, Michelle Tan, Joshua Tan,
Gordon Khoo and Gibson Guitars Singapore

Seth Chiam (Vocals & Guitar)
Angus Sham (Backing Vocals, Keys & Guitar)
Nathan Huang (Backing Vocals & Guitar)
Japheth Ng (Backing Vocals & Bass)
Dominic Goh (Drums)



all rights reserved



Cadence Singapore

Cadence is a Singaporean alternative rock band formed in 2014. With varied musical influences, its five members found common ground marrying energetic riffs and hard-hitting beats with yearning vocals. The band’s songs chronicle life’s trials and triumphs introspectively, with onstage performances often resembling a kind of collective catharsis. Energetic, sometimes intense, but always hopeful. ... more

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Track Name: Reignition
Hey now why’d you let your skeptics paralyse you
Why’d you let them run you down
When they don’t know what they’re talking about

Hey now why’d you let them get the better of you
They’ve got nothing on you now
So pay no mind baby walk it out

Don’t forget
That you’re not facing this alone
Don’t fold
In it’s gonna pay off just believe and

Disregard everything you know could go wrong
And see to the end the things that you believe in
Disregard everything they say ‘cause they’re wrong
Just follow through with it

Hey now it’s time to empty out the fear inside you
Crank it up and play it loud
Make or break
We’re about to find out

Don’t let them tell you you’re too late
Don’t let your hope just melt away
They’ll see the truth if only after
You just need to know
Don’t let them break down what you made
You know you have more than it takes
So make the most of all you’re after
Then watch it all unfold
Track Name: Come Home
You’re finally broken
You’ve finally run to the end of yourself
You deny when I find you
You deny the misery
Every time you come around
You’re telling me (that you’re alright)
But I know better
What you hide (on the inside)
And at the bottom of your glass
You leave yourself a mess
Every time you run dry

But hope is laid before you now
If you believe me I’d show you just how
Your fix isn’t the only way out
Won’t you listen to the sound
Calling you to come home

Come home
Leave your regrets aside
These chains behind
You’re not too late to pack up tonight
And come home
Come home
We have been waiting for you here
Do you hear us in the air
We’re calling

What would it take (to make sense to you)
What would it take (we wrestle into the night)
I’m asking you what would it take (to make sense to you)
What would it take (to force you into the light)
Track Name: Zara
It makes no sense to me anymore
Now we’re worse off than we were before
And between the cold and swinging back and forth
I can’t decide between either one not anymore

Makes no sense to you anymore
Forty days and now not even sure
Of what you heard and what you did conjure
Well either way you say it couldn’t hurt you more

But by now it’s too late
To reverse all your mistakes
So you kneel here
You just pray

If you see me
Would you receive me
After all the things I
After all the things I’ve done
Track Name: Walls
Last time you had be fooled
But now I see through it
You’re far from deceiving
Now I’m not a fool in your masquerade

This time I won’t be falling for malicious lies
That you’ve been repeating
You’ve not a clue what’s coming in your way
It’s gonna wring you dry

You won’t be the one to tear me down
You’ll be the one who’s losing out

Walls have ears and they’ve heard everything you said
Walls will close you in and you won’t get away

You try to play the victim and accuse me
But nobody believes it
Now you’ve got not a card left to play

Now I will uncover every little lie
And expose every secret
You made that wrong choice who to betray
I’ll drag it all to light

There’s no point in trying to hide it out now
Now that the truth is coming out

All you tried to shove into the closet
Everything you buried in the ground
All of this is bleeding to the surface as
The truth is coming
The truth is coming out
Track Name: Alive
Tell me is this the end or beginning
Of these time-wasted dreams that you held but let go
Hard to believe after so long
That buried beneath the dust and ashes still lies
Something to believe in

So pick up the pieces
Between the smouldering embers
Reassemble your courage and lose
Yourself again to wonder
What would it take to light these gasoline hearts
Knowing that there within the firelight lies something to
believe in

Rack it up let’s set all off tonight
There’s just about enough for everything to reignite
Stack it high for whoever else’ll see this light
Cause this our one last chance to give

We’ll give everything
Just to be alive
Just to be alive

From here on out everything changes
So take one last look and one deep breath
Then drop that match and watch it burn

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